Example of the use of symbolism

In the film, one of the school teachers explains to Howie that they do not use the term “dead” as they do not believe anyone truly dies, only that when their human life ends their spirit life continues on in nature such as plants or animals When Howie visits what is like their graveyard, he finds young trees planted on all the graves. This symbolizes the concept of new life coming from the human body’s death.

2 thoughts on “Example of the use of symbolism”

  1. This is an interesting concept about life after death. According to island’s religion, when Howie gets sacrificed at the end of the movie does his soul move on and become a part of nature? Or does his soul get completely consumed by the sun god?

    1. That’s a good question. Honestly I don’t know. They believe that there is no such thing as death but then at the same time give the life of someone to the sun god. If one statement is true then that would question the logic in the other.

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