“The Wicker Man” follows to story of a Scottish police officer, Howie Woodward, who is investigating the reported disappearance of a young girl, Rowan Morrison, on the pagan island of Summersile. While on the island the officer finds the people to have a heavy focus on sex and symbolism. The people consistently deny the existence of Rowan but eventually Howie discovers that they plan to sacrifice her to a pagan God so that they may have a good harvest in the coming year. Howie disguises himself and is able to get to Rowan before she is sacrificed. While they escaped rowan actually led Howie into a trap as he was the true sacrifice. The people held the belief that he was the highest sacrifice and planned to burn him in the wicker man, a large person shaped figure made of wicker, from the very beginning. Howie resisted but was subdued, had his legs broken, and burned to death along with some animals in the wicker man.

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  1. I actually wanted to do a blog on this movie. I love these mystery/horror movies. I was so interested in the film as I began reading the summary. But I hate watching these types of movies alone. That is probably why I didn’t choose to do this movie. As much as I love watching these types of movies I hate it at the same time. I get so scared during the movie but also afterwards. It’s really so weird. But I give props to you for being able to watch this movie and can’t wait to hear all about it and the themes connected to this movie! I’m sure there’s a ton! Did Officer Woodward end up finding out what happened about the disappearance of the young girl? You have to tell us!

  2. This blog is AWESOME , not only is it visually appealing but i enjoy how you keep your posts relatively short sweet and to the point . i wanted to do this movie as well, or at least i thought , i tend to always get this movie mixed up with burning man , they have some what of the same concept right ?

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