Symbolism of Sex

In the beginning of the film, Howie goes out for a walk at night and finds many couples there having sex. He also notices there is one woman naked and crying over a tombstone, likely her partner before he died. Howie is disturbed and confused by what they are all doing so he heads back to the inn to sleep. While in bed, Willow, the innkeeper’s daughter is in the next room singing and tempting Howie to come in and have sex, Howie resists though and eventually goes to sleep.


Later in the film when Howie goes to meet Lord Summerisle, he see’s several young girl singing, naked, and jumping over a fire. When researching any meaning behind this, I found that in some forms of Paganism, there is no conduct of what’s inappropriate in terms of sex. All that matters in consent and they believe that you can do whatever you want to do. But now I’m wondering why Howie’s resistance to Willow qualified him as a sacrifice? At the end when he questions why he is being sacrificed, Willow calls him pure because he didn’t want to cheat on his fiance and have sex out of marriage. I thought to them it shouldn’t matter because they believe that nothing about sex is wrong, but they still call him a pure sacrifice.


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