“The Green Man Inn”

During the film, Officer Howie had lived in a room at “The Green Man Inn”


I wondered if this had any significance and why they used the color green. I felt it had to have some meaning because the camera zoomed in on the sign. My first thought was that since green is often associated with nature and plants and because the island people believe that no one dies, only that their spirits live on in nature, this made sense that they would call it the “Green Man Inn.” After researching any pagan meanings behind the color green I found that it is a symbol of fertility, another common topic in this film. We see pregnant women walking through blossoming trees and young women doing rituals praying to be fertile.


Paganism information received from: http://www.colormatters.com/the-meanings-of-colors/green

One thought on ““The Green Man Inn””

  1. I really appreciate you bringing up the subtleties of this film in your blog. I often forget to take a look at things like color and filming techniques when watching movies, so this actually served as a really good reminder for me of something I should probably include in my own blog, lol! Anyhow, I thought your analysis of the color choice was really insightful, especially your thoughts on how the color scheme was related to the scene with the pregnant women. Nice job!

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